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“From the moment Kelsey and I sat down to begin our session, we were connected. We worked through what felt like years to process, in minutes.”

I felt so calm, and clear as we talked.  I walked away from our time together so inspired, and hopeful about so many things. She left me with a wonderful plan to continue our work until we see each other again (which we will) and I can’t wait until that time comes.  I would recommend Kelsey to anyone and everyone. I LOVE her.

– Jamie-Lynn Sigler, an American Actress and Singer

“Kelsey not only helps you center yourself with her overall state of calm and positivity, but gives you the tools to be able to do it whenever and wherever you need to.”

– Constance Zimmer, an American Actress

“Kelsey’s work has helped me see how I can remain open and create positive changes in all areas of my life. From the moment we met, it was a connection that included positivity and healing.”

-Garcelle Beuavais, American Actress

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“I couldn’t live without Kelsey’s monthly meditations.
Kelsey’s so grounding and motivating, exactly what you need to get through the holidays. Or any stressful time! She’s magical!”

-Alisan Porter, American Actress, Songwriter, Singer + Winner of The Voice, Season 10

“Spending 60 minutes with Kelsey Patel is akin to a years worth of therapy, a chat with your best friend, a hug from your mom, and a kick in the ass from your coach all rolled into one session.
I have not felt that seen and understood by a complete stranger ever and I learned more about me in that one hour than I have in years. I feel blessed to have met Kelsey and already feel the loving effects of her work.
Also she let me make her a sandwich and anyone who knows me knows I love to cook for people so she had me at ‘I’m hungry.’ “

-Alicia Coppola, American Actress

“Kelsey doesn’t allow you to make excuses or hide behind fears. Her words are inspiring, motivating, generous, compassionate, filled with strength and love.

Kelsey has this incredible way of making you feel strong, empowered, and to trust in your own gifts and to share them with others without fear.

She is nurturing and giving yet doesn’t allow you to orchestrate a masquerade to avoid your own issues. Thanks to the work I’ve done with Kelsey, I feel more aware of my behavior and I now have the ability to identify issues as they surface. I am still working on standing in my own truth in every moment. I’d recommend Kelsey every minute of every day to every soul I encounter. She is one of the most gifted women I know with the ability to express kindness and abundance. She gives freely, willingly and continues to inspire me to do the same.”

– Heather Martin, Key Designer & VP for Lucky Brand

“Kelsey is like a healer, mentor and life coach all rolled up into one.

Working with her is like talking to your best friend, if your best friend had the tools to help you heal and release painful life experiences, embrace your wildest dreams, and reignite your passion for life. Not only has she helped me heal old wounds and reach for the stars, but Kelsey has given me tools to help me take more control of my life. From quick daily meditations and mantras, to journaling and self-care rituals. Today, I feel more centered, calm and peaceful, while also more energized and excited for the future. As an entrepreneur/small business owner, I often lose myself in my work. My business can feel like a constant hustle that requires all of my time, energy and attention. Kelsey has helped me find balance and joy again in my business, which has carried over into every area of my life. She celebrates my successes, and will insist we meet for a session immediately when she knows I’ve gone through something rough. I absolutely recommend Kelsey. Whether you feel stuck, a little lost, or you’re just in need of a little love and healing, Kelsey is your gal.”

– Valerie Howard,  Entrepreneur

“I am so grateful that Kelsey came into my life. I feel that I have healed more in the last year of us working together than I ever imagined possible.

After years of going to weekly traditional therapy, I reached a point where I needed something different. I had a rough childhood, a very painful marriage and divorce, and some serious challenges with my career. I was ready for a major shift. What makes the work with Kelsey powerful is that she cuts right down to the root of what is causing the stress/sadness/anxiety etc., but does it in such a loving, honest way that it doesn’t hurt to hear it. In fact, it’s a relief. I now feel stronger, happier, less anxious, less angry, and no longer so obsessed with feeling like I need to be in control.”

– Amy Webber, Senior Digital Producer at E! Entertainment 

“I have referred my clients to her because I believe we all need a dose of Kelsey in our lives.

Let me first say, that the moment I met Kelsey, I knew she had a gift to expand the mind, body and spirit. I was closed off, due to a lot of my own personal challenges and battles. I did not want to face some of the harsh realities that were poisoning my decision making and openness to become a better me.

Kelsey’s invitation to open my eyes through a Reiki session had me wondering what this could really do for me. I had my doubts and was afraid of what I was really going to expose. When I say Kelsey opened my heart, she opened my wounds with her energy; that to this day is indescribable. Kelsey worked on me, with me and through me, showing me what my strength and weaknesses have done for me. Kelsey worked magic in me that I had never felt before and left me believing that all of my successes and goals with life, family & purpose, has its time. She taught me how to BE ME.

I felt the power working weeks after, even as I went through some challenges. Kelsey works as a vessel and provides elements that already exist but need to be brought forth. As I share this, my life continues to evolve for the better and doors continue to open for me.

I have referred my clients to her because l believe we all need a dose of Kelsey in our lives.”

– Jared Jackson Dean, Owner of Salon Eleven Studios throughout Los Angeles and Creator of Stylist Bootcamp

“She has profoundly changed my life – and so many other lives – for the better.

Where do people who empower people go to be empowered themselves?
To Kelsey Patel, that’s who.


When people talk about Kelsey, there is one word that always, ALWAYS comes up in conversation: “magical.”


And, that is because, Kelsey Patel IS magical.


Since I first met Kelsey in the summer of 2014, my whole life has turned around in the most wonderful of ways, and she has been a guiding force who has not only helped me navigate that, but has supported me through it. I was originally referred by a public relations friend of mine, who actually made the appointment for me, because she – and I quote – “got more out of 1 session with Kelsey than she had gotten out of 14 years of therapy.” Yep. That’s the magic of Kelsey.


When people ask me what it is exactly Kelsey does, I don’t know where to start. “Does she do reiki?,” they ask. “Yes,” I reply. And, to someone from Texas, who’s never even really done yoga, the fact that I’m saying that I “get reiki” at least twice a month speaks volumes about the impact of this woman. She also does EFT, consulting, and is intuitive, like no one I have ever met before.


Kelsey’s ability to work with energy has made my life a better life to live, and the world a better place in which to live, and I know I’m not alone in that feeling.


As someone whose career requires them to exert a lot of energy by being social and inspiring others, Kelsey has helped me find balance in my life.
Until I met Kelsey, I had never meditated. Now, I meditate before I get out of bed every day.


So, I guess this is what I’m saying, and it’s what I always tell people when I refer them to Kelsey:
“If you’re feeling stuck, or numb, or depressed, or at a crossroads, or feel like you’re living a shadow life of the life you’d like to live, Kelsey can help you glide over that hurdle. Invest in yourself, so that you can live your best life — the life you are meant to live. Kelsey can help remove blockages, and open your eyes to light you may not be able to see on your own.”

She has profoundly changed my life – and so many other lives – for the better.
And, thanks to her inspiration, I am able to inspire others, and live my life to its fullest extent.”

– Dawn McCoy, Host/Editor/Actor/Humanitarian/Motivational Speaker

“I felt a new level of calm.

It was a new experience for me that I have only tried once, but it has definitely opened up other avenues and doors, giving me a new insight to explore what happens inside & outside myself. Nothing else seemed to matter but what was happening in that moment. I am better able now to be open and present.”

– Joshua Evans Turner, aka Rapper Dem Atlas

“I would 100% recommend Kelsey!

From the moment I met Kelsey, I felt an immediate trust and was very excited about working together. Working with her was calming, and it gave me focus and made me feel like I was on a path towards my goals. She brings an energy, warmth, and acceptance to everything that she does. It’s so special to have someone truly listen and show you the path to achieving what you really want and need out of life.”

– Gina Wade, CEO and Founder of Gina Wade Creative

“It’s almost impossible for me to talk about Kelsey without using the word “magical.” She really is.

I was led to Kelsey’s doorstep after a narrow escape from a serious car wreck. Although I was completely unfamiliar with her methods—reiki, yoga, meditation were all new to me—I trusted her immediately. I’m glad I did, because working with Kelsey has changed my life for the better. She’s immensely adept at healing people in crisis, and is an extraordinary teacher. Thanks to her, I now spend a lot more time in the present moment, and I appreciate what I have in a deeper way, which has affected every corner of my life.”

– Chris Richards, Writing Executive and Musician

“In working with Kelsey, you’re going to find that everyday life is more manageable and more enjoyable than you could ever have imagined.

It is not easy for a 45-year-old east coast transplant to even be open to meditation or healthy living. Kelsey simply asks you to trust the process. It is that inspiration that she’s always going to be that one person in your life never judging, always pushing, and forever loving that makes you drawn to her practice.

She believes that changes come in small packages, but staying with the program, doing the work, being open to the possibility to try a new way of thinking, and being honest in measuring the small steps of progress can give you the long term “big” results that you had no idea you were capable of achieving.

Her warmth radiates a room. It’s hard to take on this work without a connection, without feeling grounded, safe, sure and secure in her presence. The natural comfort zone that exists when in her company allows for the opportunity to be open in both mind and body to the work ahead. Kelsey’s emotional connection with her clients allows for her to connect with her clients in a way that tailors the work to a client’s current need and state. This means that the work will be curated to fit what you need most to leave with the energy and the positivity to approach all life’s obstacles with confidence.

If your desire is to constantly be improving, this work is for you. If your desire is to find a way to be grounded in the hectic complications and interruptions of everyday life, this work is for you. If your desire is to find happiness from within, to “work out” the body as well as the mind, this work is for you. And, if you want to do it with a coach, a mentor, a guide, a spiritual advisor like Kelsey Patel, this work is for you.”

– Todd DeLorenzo, Branding Strategist/Principal, Bar Napkin Concepts, Inc.

“I had never felt so positively relaxed in my entire life!

When I thought about having a reiki session with Kelsey, I was concerned I would not be able to let my mind and body relax and accept the experience. But Tah-Dah! Thanks to her warmth and guidance, I was able to completely open up during the entire first session. Kelsey helped me to understand that the experience was mine…not hers. When our session was over, I never felt so relaxed. The blissful feeling of total contentment stayed with me long after our session, and even carried over into my trip to Chicago to visit my aunt and uncle. I had never felt so positively relaxed in my entire life! My mind, body and soul were at total peace! If you choose to work with her, trust that you will be filled with energy, insight, self-worth, understanding, peace, and joy for this crazy world!”

– M.W., School Educator

“Whenever friends are in town, I tell them to book a session with Kelsey!

Kelsey made me feel extremely comfortable during our session. I was able to open up to my feelings without hesitation. Her energy was the best – she is always positive, and has a way of making you feel extremely safe, and invited. “

– Jason Lai, LA-Based Interior Designer, Owner of L2interior

“In less than two weeks, huge shifts happened in my business and in my personal life.

When Kelsey walked into my life she immediately embraced me with warmth. I knew in that moment my life would be impacted in a positive way.  After just a few minutes with her, I started to feel as though she was literally resuscitating my spirit.  She had an amazing way of tapping into exactly what I was feeling and cut right to the core of my biggest fears, issues, and challenges.  Her questions were direct and meaningful.  She understood exactly where I was in my life, both personally and professionally. Her unique ability to connect quickly on a deep level offered me what I had been seriously lacking — a realistic and comprehensive plan to change things!


After an incredibly difficult year, my body was exhausted and my soul was crushed. In less than two weeks of meeting Kelsey, everything in my life started to change.  I achieved a major professional goal and finally opened my business.  I reached out to close friends who I hadn’t seen in many months and began to connect with my support system again. I took the time to nourish myself by eating, sleeping and getting back to regular routines of caring for my health and body. I was able to be truly present for my children again rather than just going through the motions of daily parenting. Shockingly, after a long legal divorce battle that was headed to trial, I received a call that they were prepared to settle the case out of court.  Meeting Kelsey had clearly shifted something inside me and the universe was responding.


My favorite thing about working with Kelsey was her ability to offer specific practical advice with kindness and compassion.  I also loved how inspiring she is.  She has an amazing energy about her.  She is beautiful, funny, relatable and wise.


I would absolutely recommend Kelsey to anyone who feels they need a change in their lives but doesn’t know exactly how to make it happen.  I would particularly recommend her to someone who is emotionally and spiritually depleted.  If you feel that you are broken, charred or don’t know where to turn next, Kelsey’s light will shine the way for you.  She will begin with a warm embrace and offer an achievable plan of action.”

– Michelle Hall, Business Owner, Minneapolis, MN

“Kelsey has a special gift and is able to transport that to others. I highly recommend her as a healing practitioner.

I was hesitant at first to work with Kelsey because I am a cautious person.  I am a recovering alcoholic and suffer also with depression.  I decided I had tried many forms of treatment, both traditional and alternative so why not give it a try.  I was amazed at how refreshed I felt after only one session. I felt an actual release of tension and just an over feeling of well-being. “

– C.R., PhD in Youth Education, Teenage Drug & Alcohol Counselor

“My son is now thriving and often reflects on how he felt that day and every day since Kelsey came over to do her magic.

When Kelsey came over to our home to work her magic, we didn’t know what to expect. It was only during our sessions that we knew she had forever changed not only myself but my children. My 9-year old son was so connected and so open to finding his true self and with Kelsey at the helm he was the ultimate student. She is a master at her craft and allowed us to create an abundance of love, happiness while opening our minds and hearts in our home even bigger. As my son struggled with anxiety, her reiki and tools allowed him to find comfort in being his true self. My son is now thriving and often reflects on how he felt that day and every day since Kelsey came over to do her magic. We are grateful to know her and have her as a teacher! Anyone who works with Kelsey will not be disappointed!”

– Chrissy Kling, Owner and Founder, Good Carma Studios

“If you are open to receiving, this work will change your life.

Initially, I was afraid that delving further into my “spiritual” side would interfere with my creativity as a songwriter. I was always taught not to “mess with the process” – clearly that was an indicator that I needed to do some work on that area of my life. Turns out becoming less attached furthered (and continues to stretch) my ability to trust.

I was also hesitant for religious reasons. I honestly had no idea what reiki was or if it was considered a religion. Plus, coming from a relatively conservative midwest background I was very skeptical of the “hippy dippy” LA meditation scene. I actually probably committed to it initially out of rebellion of my own rigidity, but mostly curiosity. Despite all of these reservations, it was liberating to learn to listen and act on my feelings instead of my judgments and preconceived thoughts.

I believe that with every year of my life, I have increased my capacity to feel. The low lows and the high highs, the darkness and the light, the sadness and joy. I think this is one of the greatest gifts of life that I hope to in turn reverberate to others.

This ability to further understand myself has translated on many levels. Physically and emotionally, I have learned (and am continuing to learn) how to listen to, nurture, and trust my body.

What I like best about working with Kelsey is the sense of connection. The feeling of having someone else get it. And her crazy intuition to know when to step in with a helping hand.

I recommend Kelsey to literally everyone. Actually, I think it has to be to people who seek more, whatever that may be. Working with Kelsey has to be accompanied by a desire to grow and seek beauty in the unknown.

The most important thing people should know about working with Kelsey is the openness and trust.

Think about what drives you absolutely crazy. In yourself or other people. Or something you think you can bury in your past, or whatever bugs you about yourself, or anything you generally avoid.

That will probably come up.

It’s not necessarily a graceful journey but it’s beautiful and inexplicable fulfilling. If you are open to receiving, this work will change your life.

There are so many more words and stories I could add, but mostly I just want to express how deeply grateful I am that I have Kelsey in my life.

– Anna Schulze, Singer, Producer and Songwriter

“After every session, I feel ‘lighter’ and very empowered.

I was actually very excited to start my journey with Kelsey. She is truly a woman who practices what she preaches. She exudes calm, peace and confidence. After every session, I feel ‘lighter’ and very empowered. Since working together, I’ve seen how setting intentions and meditating on them actually does yield results. I now pray / meditate every morning and it gives me clarity on the day ahead. Without a doubt, I would recommend her services to anyone who: is interested in getting to know themselves better; wants to access their true potential; and wants to build the bridge between their body, mind and spirit. Be prepared to be moved emotionally. The sessions can be powerful. I can, and have, recommended Kelsey to several people. She is a one of a kind who holds a very special gift. Your life WILL change for the better.”

– Victoria Tate, Owner of Maud’s in Beverly Hills, CA

“I’d recommend Kelsey to anyone that was genuinely ready and wanting a significant change in their life.  She is dedicated and tenacious and will not let you walk away feeling anything less than happy and confident. 

In the beginning, I was highly dubious of the process and the effectiveness, but after one session, I made a highly noticeable shift – both emotional and physical.  I had been holding onto so much emotion from years past.  With her guidance, I was able to release it all and move forward in my life. I find myself to be genuinely happier, lighter and more positive, and able to connect with people in a more genuine manner. I’m no longer hiding behind whatever guarded wall I had built up over the years.  An additional bonus is that I had been trying to lose weight for years, and after my session with Kelsey, I’ve found the excess “baggage” fell off easily, resulting in a loss of 30lbs over nine months.  Aside from my unwavering faith and trust in Kelsey, I would recommend her to almost everyone.  I say almost everyone, because the experience is so intense that it is not for the faint of heart.”

– Priya V, Restaurateur, Washington, D.C.