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Membership Program / Corporate Wellness / 1-on-1 Coaching

Coaching Sessions

Kelsey’s one-on-one coaching sessions are perfect for those looking for guidance on their journey towards finding balance, joy, inner peace, and divine self-love.

This is ideal for you if:

  • You’re ready for a life change but unsure where to start.
  • You’re on the path to greatness and you’re ready to take it to the next level.
  • You feel stuck in your current career, relationship or life in general.
  • You’re overwhelmed by old memories, thoughts and regrets.
  • You struggle with depression, sickness, anxiety, weight issues, grief or lack of self-confidence.
  • You know there’s a better way, and you’re ready to begin.

It all begins with your first session.

Kelsey begins with a series of guided questions to assess where you are now in your life, and exactly where you would like to be. Prepare to dive deep. Whether you choose a single session or a dozen, this work can lay the foundation for major shifts in your life. Each session is unique, based on your individual needs. A few of the techniques utilized in a session: reiki, EFT, yoga, meditation, guided therapy, and crystal healing.

Investment: $525


Corporate Wellness

Today, the necessity for work-life balance is critical. From endless emails to deadlines and growing to-do lists, there are more reasons now, than ever, to share the gift of mindfulness in the workplace.  These programs were developed specifically to help employees and executives manage daily stress, so that they may return to work with renewed passion, clarity, creativity and focus.

These programs are ideal for:

  • Mid-large sized corporate companies looking to bring a new, motivational program to their corporate wellness training.
  • Startups looking to retain and empower employees.
  • C-Suite executives who want one-on-one spiritual guidance and mindfulness coaching.
  • Fitness and yoga studios interested in one-of-a-kind client workshops.
  • Special interest groups in need of a motivational workshop or speaker to inspire.